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Drum and Bass 1
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Chilled / Dubstep
:: Drum and Bass 1 ::
Deep, heavy and hard hitting tracks

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Use the mp3 players on the page below to listen to and download some of our darkest tracks.

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  Artist: Omen

Heavy Cinematic D&B Monster

174 bpm - 7m3s

£0.75 to Download via Paypal (320 mbps)

  Back to the Usual (Single)
  Artist: Omen

"Respect Ja"

Rolling Atmospheric Drum and Bass. Single version.

176 bpm - 6m56s

£0.75 to Download via Paypal (320 mbps)

  Green to Red
  Artist: Omen

Album title track.

Deep Bass, Spooky vocal and black magic atmosphere.

176 bpm - 7m33s

£0.75 to Download via Paypal (320 mbps)

  Artist: Omen + Stealth

Tight heavy track with nice Amens.

174 bpm - 7m19s

(Free Download)

  Path of Desire
  Artist: Omen

Deep Bass lines and epic vocal.

176 bpm - 6m50s

£0.75 to Download via Paypal (320 mbps)

  Boolean Bells
  Artist: Omen

Dark, foreboding, brutal. The post apocalyptic sound of AD2348.

174 bpm - 6m55s

£0.70 to Download via Paypal (192 mbps)

  Artist: Omen

Evil basses, epic sounds, dark amen beats. The sound of a twisted mind on overdrive.

174 bpm - 6m37s

(Free Download)

  The School of Hard Knocks
  Artist: Omen + Akin

Rolling drum and bass track with brilliant vocal by Akin.

174 bpm - 4m24s (Edited version)

Download available soon

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